The cost of electricity will keep increasing – that is something everyone accepts, along with the knowledge that traditional methods of thermal power generation are doing irreparable harm to our environment. Changes in the way commercial electricity generation is done will take years to come about; but there is something you can do to both reduce your home power bills and help the environment – use renewable energy for your home. The answer lies in installing a wind electricity generator for your home – a windmill that will give you clean power at no cost. You can buy commercially manufactured wind generators for your home, but the cost of several thousand dollars puts them beyond the reach of the average homeowner. However, making a diy wind generator will cost just a few hundred dollars and with the current cost of grid electricity, you should be able to recover the cost within one or two years – after that it's all savings for you.

If you have reasonable diy skills, the right plans and know what equipment you need and where to get it, there's nothing to stop you setting up a diy wind generator. Your skills are something you need to have on your own, but the plans and sources for the motor and other parts can be easily found online. But before taking the plunge into making a diy wind generator, you need to be sure that the prevailing winds in your area are adequate and regular enough to provide a reasonable amount of energy to run the generator. You will find all the information you need online about wind speeds etc. and how much electricity you can expect to produce or you could contact your local met department who will be able to provide you with this information.

Do not presume that having your own wind generator will free you from the need for grid power; a small generator will not be able to produce enough to meet all your electricity demands and wind is rarely available 24 hours a day to run the unit. But generating even a few hundred watt or a kilowatt from your diy wind generator for even a part of the day when the wind is blowing is enough to make a significant cut in your utility bills. Ideally, the wind generator should be connected to storage batteries so that power not immediately consumed can be stored for later use – the batteries will increase your costs slightly, but will give you much more flexibility in the utilization of the power you produce. Combining a wind generator with solar panels is a good idea since the price of these panels is dropping and the chances are that when it is cloudy and the Solar Power is not available, the wind will be blowing and the generator will work at full efficiency.

Because of the low initial cost, diy wind generators are rapidly becoming to most favored of home power generation options.

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