How to Build a Wind Generator

Lots of people are learning how to build a wind generator for themselves these days to save money. Considering that a commercial installation cost is of the order of thousands of dollars it's truly little wonder that so many people are choosing to go the do-it-yourself route and spend no more than a couple of hundred bucks to get a completely adequate solution to their needs.

Prepare Yourself with Wind Turbine Plans

Why start from scratch and have to reinvent the wheel when it's possible to get the guidance and help of other people who have done it all before you? Exactly the same basic principle is applicable for wind turbines and you will generally escape a complete heap of hassle and time lost should you decide upon this better road learning how to build a wind generator.

It will definitely be a great help to get yourself a set of wind turbine plans beforehand that show you how to build a wind generator. You can get wind turbine plans here over the net.  Naturally the best ones will cost a moderate fee however in return you have a set of well tried plans and sometimes video lessons that will help you along the way.

Wind Turbine Fundamental Components

A straightforward wind turbine just isn't complex whatsoever and is really no more than a few constructed parts.

Initially you will have to make blades. There's no need to manufacture the blades yourself. You can just get a length of PVC pipe and slice it lengthways into four sections. This will provide you with three main blades and also a spare.

Next you want a motor. That is going to be run backwards and used as a generator. These are fairly easy to get for reasonable cost or even for free. eBay is a great place to look for old motors which are still in good condition.

Third, a deep cycle battery is necessary. Just as before, you may get these inexpensively or even at no cost. Try your local golf-club. They might even pay you to get rid of their old batteries!

Wind Turbine Construction

All you need to do next is to put together all the components. Aside from that mentioned above above, several extra components could possibly be required, but otherwise you will just need a few tools.

You'll be able to opt to either mount your wind turbine on the rooftop, on a wall or perhaps out in the open ground on a large stand. To find out which of these solutions will generate the most energy for your home, you will need to perform a wind survey utilizing an anemometer. Needless to say, you will find data that show average wind speeds around the world or in your country however these don't take into consideration any particular local circumstances which are unique to the area surrounding the house. So you you should always do a local survey around your own home itself.

So yo use it is not hard to learn how to build a wind generator once you have the right plans and advice.

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