There is a similarity between the process of how modern wind energy is created and those grinding and water pumping windmills of the past. Typical wind energy generators consist of tall wind turbines that have fairly long and slender blades .

The thought of "how does wind energy work" seems to be an inquiry that only the inquisitive asks, even though wind turbines have been around and producing electricity for years. A combination of the natural wind energy sources and sunlight provide the globe with air motions. It serves as an alternative power source since scientists attempt to capture energy from the wind .

If you are thinking "how does wind energy work" by utilizing turbines, you can picture this massive machine in an ideal location with high wind currents that can be captured and generated into electricity.

But "how does wind energy work" based on the source's direction ? Wind currents come in vertical or horizontal directions . Wind turbines are built mostly to gather horizontal wind power . There are rotors in the wind turbine that are capable in harnessing vertical wind power because there are very few machines that have the ability to convert energy from vertical wind power. "How does wind energy work" based on movement - the movement of 3 blades attached on to a rotating shaft which is then attached to a large turbine . The turbine is then connected to a large generator that sends out power through the shaft .

The turbine can generate wind power close to 100 kilowatts to several megawatts of electrical power depending on the size and efficiency . To increase power output, wind turbines are placed in areas with frequent wind that blows primarily in one direction . Because winds tend to blow stronger in areas near the ocean, it has been the primary choice for Wind Energy generation.

"How does wind energy work" is also a question that leads to the understanding of alternative energy . One wind turbine will not provide a lot of power that?s why it?s usually built in groups known as wind farms . To have the energy equally distributed within the grid, the wind turbines should have the same distance from one to another.

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