Wind generator blades are the necessary part for the working of the wind generator. These blades are curved and large, and they are quite similar to the prop blades of the airplane, and these blades are the source for generating power. Producing the own wind generator blade is the good method to reduce the making cost of the wind generator and it also gives more satisfaction and confidence. This article provides a good introduction on how to build the homemade wind generator blades.

It is highly necessary to choose the correct item to make the blades as it has directly proportional to the efficiency and skill of the wind generator. Some of the items that are utilized to make wind blades are wood, metal, and plastic. Woods are the best choice for the yesteryear traditional wind generator, metal are the easiest material to work with, and plastics are the ideal product to build the blades. It is highly recommended to build the blades with PVC pipes because of so many reasons such as the wood can crack, wood absorbs water, and the crack makes wood to absorb water. Also, wooden blades are very difficult to make and very time consuming.

For making three wind blades, a person require about 4" or 6" PVC pipe of 4' long and for wind blades that is 30'' in length, a person can make use of 4" diameter PVC pipes. To make wind blades between 30" and 48", a person may need a PVC pipe of diameter of 6" PVC plastic pipe. First, centerline should be marked down the pipe, as the blades offset from the centerline and thus produces more power. The blade should be made pointed for about 5" at the base and 2

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