When it come to energy flow, the wind has been considered as one of the effective mediums to generate electricity. Its advantages have provided clean power source that does not pollute the air . Wind Energy has been economically-priced because it depends on a stable and renewable source.

Wind turbines are the proper equipment to be utilized to get the power from the wind and to convert it into energy. The two types of wind turbines are horizontal and vertical axis . The generator in the wind turbine does the mechanics by getting the energy from the wind to change from mechanical energy into electricity .

Wind energy facts reveal that this type of energy may be influenced by the sun's energy as well . Winds are the result of the uneven distribution of heat to the atmosphere . The heat dispersed within the vicinity of the equator is different from those coming from the north and south poles . Each location has different wind speed which results to the kind of energy that is generated by the turbines - some areas have stronger wind speed while other areas have very low wind speed.

Because the wind energy is renewable, it is environmentally friendly . Wind energy facts also state that no matter how much wind has been taken up to supply the energy need today, there would still be abundant supply of this resource . This type of energy is cost-efficient . We know from the wind energy facts that this kind of energy is readily available in many regions . There are places in the world which puts wind energy into efficient use while United States focuses on spending more of millions to see what more of this type of process can do.

According to some energy facts, all other forms of energy must be converted from their natural state by extracting the energy and processing them in the manner that is in accordance with the energy regulations . As useful as it is, it has a high installation cost . You should expect a lot of cost in purchasing wind turbines if you want to acquire an equipment to get the required wind power on a larger scale. Wind energy facts have also specified that some regions are very remote and sparsely populated which makes the cost of transporting the harnessed energy more expensive .

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