Electricity is a constant requirement across the globe and the need for steady energy supply to power up communities and industries is one of its purposes. With the increasing price of gas and other energy sources, researches are being done to find ways to develop inexpensive power sources. Perhaps the greatest achievement in generating power is the use of wind energy in generating electricity.

Wind energy can be replenished, it is clean and inexpensive. The U.S, Germany, Spain, India and many other countries have been using Wind Energy to power up some of their cities and communities. But, this power-generation method is not perfect. And yes, there are wind energy pros and cons that may inhibit some of the potentials of this energy source.

So, what are the wind energy pros and cons?


As mentioned before, wind energy is a clean energy source since there are no harmful emissions and materials that are produced when generating electricity. This is the reason why wind energy is an ideal alternative because it is safe for the planet to use.

Renewable energy is different from fossil fuels since the latter cannot be replenished and they are also sources of more harmful forms of energy such as coal, gas and oil. This only proves that wind energy is efficient due to it renewable nature.

Since wind is a constant natural source, the energy generated from it is almost failure-proof. And if there are larger electric grids, there is the always the possibility of producing high amounts of electricity that can power more homes in a certain vicinity.

There are costs when developing and building a wind farm with turbines that gather up and generate electricity. But wind energy is still considered inexpensive compared to other sources because the energy source itself is free. Certain communities and farmers can benefit from funding and profiting through having their own turbines and source of energy.


Like any other machine or equipment, wind turbines also get damaged and undergo the usual wear-and-tear. Natural calamities such as strong storms and lightning can destroy even the tallest and strongest wind turbine.

Wind energy is not perfect since there are instances that the speed or flow is uneven. This can lead to inconsistencies in producing electricity which can affect the supply of electricity in the area.

The wind turbines can be fatal to birds that fly by and hit the rotating blades. And the turbines can also produce sound that may reach 50 to 60 decibel.

You should weigh your options if you have plans of investing in renewable energy, and understanding the wind energy pros and cons can help you get started. Renewable energy is almost perfect in many ways, and wind energy pros and cons can show you the real deal in energy generation using a renewable source.

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