Locations with high wind speed equipped with Wind Turbine Generators brings investments an optimal return.

Winds are caused by the unequal increase of temperature of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface, and rotation of the earth

Electricity or Mechanical Energy is best described by Wind Energy through the use of Wind. Producing mass amount of energy can be cheaper through Wind Turbine Generators

Classification of Wind Turbine Generators

A type of wind turbine generator which is Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine has a rotating part of the mechanical device shat and electrical generator on the tower's top There are also small turbines which have a simple wind vane, while large generators commonly use a wind sensor coupled with a servo motor. The turbine is usually pointed upwind of the tower, since the tower behind it produces turbulence The concreteness of the blades are fitted to avoid the force of high winds that could drive it to the tower

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are those with vertically arranged main rotor shaft An advantage of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is they are suited to highly variable winds With a vertical construction, the wind turbine generator and gearbox can be placed near the ground Support of the tower is not needed for Turbines constructed vertically Contrast to the horizontal axis design, vertical axis' is difficult to mount turbines on towers It should be situated to the base where it could leanWind speed is slower at a lower altitude, less wind energy is accessible for a given size turbine

Renewable energy production and demand in growth is gaining momentum in various ways across the globe. The energy that wind power and wind generators produce are becoming popular and is increasingly asked for its advantages

Today, technically enhanced materials and computer innovations are giving new trend to this scheme with autonomous aerial structures using Wind Energy to generate power, such as the airborne wind turbine generator .

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