Cost-effective small wind turbines are usually used and seen in farms. It only requires 50-watt generator fit for a boat, caravan or mini refrigerator unit . To keep away from barriers, turbines of this type involves a steady tower for elevation. These, should be raised to prevent potential upwind complications.

The roof is an option for the small wind turbines to be installed . Certain measures applies on choosing the installation area for wind turbines, some of these are: stability of the roof, vibration and turbulence caused by the roof ledge . Compared to large-scale turbines, this equipment rarely generate significant amount of power, especially in towns and cities .


Vertical Axes - a rising type of turbine in small markets . This kind is proper for use at rooftops and low heights and able to capture wind from different breadths. It is fabricated for little turbulence and functions well in developed areas .

DYNAMIC BRAKING - regulates the speed by removing excess energy so that the turbine will maintain to produce electricity even in high winds . The resistor for dynamic braking may be located inside the building to provide heat . (It is when high winds when more heat is lost by the building, while more is produced by the braking resistor) .

*In relation to regenerative energy, dynamic braking is one of the uncomplicated and most frequent methods used.

Wind turbines, even this small collect energy from the natural air flow, because of its function, the air slows down and spreads . Aside from the fact that it produces electricity, it can also be used to utility-connected homes and businesses, remote homes, water pumping, telecommunication systems, and more .

Solar Power adds to the function of Small Wind Turbines that is found to commend technology. Across the globe, these small wind turbines are seeing this as a ?work of art as it produces enough energy but a little contribution is also expected . No amount of energy is specifically given, as to not disappoint the expectations of the prospective public who would want to minimize the consumption of electricity being paid .

Existence of different sizes and types and sizes signifies the importance of renewable energy to the community. From this type of energy, it makes us self-dependent thus minimizing detrimental components from fossil fuels.

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